Rolfing/ Structural Integration


Nicholas Wawok

Certified Structural Integration/ Rolf Method Practitioner

Attain Your True Physical Potential & Live Pain Free through Rolfing

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Rolfing, Structural Integration & Access Bars.

Rolfing/Structural Integration is a method of manual bodywork suited for everyone from elite athletes to senior citizens. Through this work a client can expect an increase in mobility and range of motion as well as a decrease in aches and pains. Some clients also report a general increase in the feeling of well-being and calmness. Structural Integration has also been described as Yoga by force in that Nick’s Yoga practitioner clients have ad major improvements in their practice following a series from him. Nick works to help his clients get their body working naturally by organizing the soft tissue and balancing the body holistically.

Nick was trained at The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. He completed his training in 2007 and has been honing his craft since. He has run a corporate wellness program to keep employees out of workman’s comp. He has also trained other practitioners to relieve ubiquitous problems of carpal tunnel syndrome, low back problems, and neck and shoulder issues. Nick’s work addresses the entire body from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head.

Nick has been an Access Bars facilitator since 2015. He performs the standard running of the bars as well as some of the basic body processes. Access Bars is a form of energy work which helps people settle the mental clutter that can infiltrate our lives. Often, a change of perspective is the change that is necessary for people to keep moving forward. Access Bars makes this change easy if not imperceptible. At worst, a bars session feels like you had a great massage. At best, your life will completely change.

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Energy Healing

Mary Kritikosza

Professional Clairvoyant

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Shamanic Practitioner

Mary Kritikos is a professional Clairvoyant and innate sentient Healer who utilizes her abilities of insight, experience, and extensive background to guide others in achieving greater states of clarity, harmony and balance within themselves and within their lives.

A born intuitive channel and experienced in Alchemy, Mary uses a variety of transmuting and regenerative healing techniques in her work designed to reveal and dissolve energetic blockages and patterns, restore creativity and vitality, expand awareness and promote consciousness.

Mary has studied approaches to Alternative and Holistic healing and spiritual practices for over 25 years both personally and professionally with interest placed on Emotional and Spiritual Alchemy and their effect on the body, mind, and spirit at the cellular level, as well as detoxification of the Physical body and its process enabling spiritual evolution. She is a Clinical Aroma therapist specializing in energetic and emotional release with therapeutic grade essential oils, a Reiki Master and also practices Shamanism, personally and professionally.  Often referred to by others as a spiritual catalyst, Mary has dedicated her life’s work in assisting others awakening to their authentic selves, emphasizing the powerful and transformative process on their most sacred of journeys.

An avid student of life, Mary promotes awareness through education by facilitating personal development and spiritual growth courses, classes and workshops hosted throughout the country.

For more information contact Mary Kritikos @ 708-712-6643



Jennifer Hobbs, Ph.D., LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor                                                  

(219) 921-5818                       

Psychology Today Therapists 

Hello! My name is Jennifer Hobbs Ph.D., LMHC and I am a psychotherapist.  I started the The Lotus Center in 2013 in an effort to bring together a group of healing professionals for the people of our community and my clients. 

Throughout the years, we have come together with many amazing healers to create a community of wellness.  As we have continued to grow and expand, a new name, Lotus Wellness Collective, was recently co-created to reflect the progressing nature of our center and the resulting shift to a partnership styled leadership of the center.  We began calling our center Lotus Wellness Collective upon our move to a new location as a reflection of our evolved collective leadership and renewal.

On my own wellness journey and in my work as a psychotherapist and helping professional for the past 20+ years, I understand that healing happens for people on a variety of paths of mind, body and spirit.  I love my work and feel blessed to work with so many amazing people.  I offer psychotherapy to people of all ages and presentations and tend to work best with people attempting to make meaning out of challenging life experiences.  I have a passion for yoga and meditation and wellness practices that are intrinsic and unifying.  I believe that people’s natural state of being is wholeness and that my work is to be a mirror of my client’s own wisdom as they journey back to themselves. 

My hope is that all people who come to here will find peace.



I specialize in working with women, couples and grief. I am accepting new clients!

I specialize in working with women, couples and grief. I am accepting new clients!

Diann Binns, LCSW, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

(219) 798-3475

Psychology Today Therapists 

As one of the first members of the Lotus Wellness Collective I have always believed in the idea that Jennifer started with; a group of like minded practitioners working together to heal the whole person…body, mind, and spirit. I’m proud to be part of the group that is doing that here.

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for many years and have worked in a variety of settings but the Private Practice counseling setting is my passion. I work with adults both as individuals and couples as they navigate through a life that can be complicated and difficult at times. My goal is to assist them in understanding and verbalizing their own needs and work toward living a true and genuine life, which I believe reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. I also have unique training and experience in grief and loss, which I o-en use in my counseling sessions.

It is my hope that you find our office a calm and relaxing place to center yourself and find peace. I know you will find that we all work from a place of love and commitment to improving the world we live in.

Welcome to the Lotus Wellness Collective!

Dr. Mandy Morrill

NCC (National Certified Counselor)

Doctorate in Counseling and Supervision

MA in Mental Health Counseling


phone: 219-554-8463 


Welcome to Lotus Wellness Collective!

I am Dr. Mandy Morrill and I am a psychotherapist offering professional counseling to couples, individuals, and families. I have been a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) since 2005, and I have my Doctorate degree in Counseling, as well as a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling (both from nationally accredited programs). I work well with people and offer a research-based empathetic understanding of my clients unique concerns. I help people incorporate their values, beliefs, and relationships goals into the therapy process. My integrative style allows me to tailor an individualized plan for therapy that fits my client's needs and creates effective change and healing.

I have worked in a variety of clinical settings and have experience working with many issues, including anxiety, depression, life-transitions, identity development, abuse, traumatic events, grief, and relationship issues (including couples/marriage/family). I have helped individuals, couples, and families overcome everything from communication issues to trauma.

I have been fortunate to practice, supervise, teach, and research. Through these experiences, I have gained the perspective that the most important aspect in therapy is to empower and bring out your resilience.

                            You are the expert on your life; I would love to help you find your strength




Becca Adduci, LCSW

Becca is the newest member of The Lotus Wellness Collective. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience providing individual, family, and group therapy. Becca specializes in helping people cope with depression and anxiety, but also individuals going through a difficult time, maybe simply needing an objective person to talk to. She is passionate about teaching stress reduction to clients and groups using the latest mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Becca is currently leading Mindfulness and Meditation small groups at the Lotus Wellness Center! We are very excited to offer this new series to our clients. The research on the benefits of meditation is endless and it has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression, increase mental clarity and concentration, lower blood pressure, help with headaches, GI issues, and a myriad of other health conditions. The effects of daily mindfulness practices on happiness have also recently been studied, and there is a strong direct correlation!   

Becca is also available for private Mindfulness and Meditation instruction. Call or text her directly at 219.334.8719 or e-mail her at to ask any questions or to get more information. The Introductory Mindfulness and Meditation class fills up quickly, and we are limiting it to 15 people, so contact Becca about it today if you are interested!


Kimberly McClain

Licensed Massage Therapist

(219) 405-1952


I am Kim McClain. I've been a massage therapist for 12 years. My practice is heart centered and takes the whole being into account, mind, body, spirit. I went to The Midwest Holistic School of Massage where I learned many modalities, that include energy work, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage ect.

I also was an RN for 15years and graduated from Eastern Michigan University. I loved caring for people and worked in cardiac care, hospice and oncology.

I am a wife, mom of 3, gramma to 3. My other love is working with a couple dog rescue groups.

My wish is that you discover the peace and strength within

HEALING TOUCH                              

Arline Sell RN, HTI-PA

( 219 ) 973-6907

Hello!  My name is Arline Sell, and I am a registered nurse with nearly 10 years of experience in caring for those in critical care and hospice.  I am on a journey with a passionate desire to help others awaken to their own self healing and truth through “healing touch.”

“Healing Touch” is a biofield therapy that grew out of the nursing practice and is endorsed and accredited by the American Holistic Nurse Association.

Healing Touch is a heart centered, peaceful and relaxing energy therapy that uses light touch in balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being thus restoring harmony and supporting your natural ability to self heal. 

Some of the benefits include; calming anxiety, improving depression, reducing pain, enhances wound healing, grief support, spiritual connection and peaceful transitions for hospice patients.  Healing touch is also used in integrative oncology care by enhancing immune system, increasing vitality, and reducing nausea.

“ In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”…Albert Szent-Gyorgyl, Nobel prize 1937, discovered vitamin C, co-founder for the National Foundation for Cancer Research.